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The Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music is a wide ranging web nexus for contemporary concert music. Our mission is to promote contemporary composers and their music through information, understanding and performances.

Contemporary classical/art/concert music is a living art form, fed by the creativity of composers across the country and around the globe. Finding inspiration from a multitude of sources, this music springs from a well-known and beloved past, yet travels new avenues and explores amazingly diverse sound worlds. There are more composers writing music now than there ever have been in the history of the world, and our goal is to help you connect with them and enjoy their art.

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Composers of the Month

  • Claude
                      Debussy, composer
  • George Auric, composer
  • Leonard Bernstein, composer
  • Judith Zaimont, composer
  • Jeanine Yeager, composer
  • Brett Dean, composer
  • George Grella, composer
  • Dmitri Tymoczko, composer
  • Amy Scurria, composer
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Featured Recording
Navona Records

Lee Actor: Piano Concerto; Sym No. 3;
                Divertimento (Navona 5986)
Lee Actor
Piano Concerto, Sym #3, etc

Finely crafted . . . with drama and direct emotional appeal.
 - Records International
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This week's featured pieces:

Ernest Bloch
Evocations (1937)

Katherine Hoover
Canyon Echoes (1991)

Stan Grill
Nonet (for New York) (2002)

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Composer Portraits
composers talk about
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Pytheas Sightings
New Music on Film
Alexandre Desplat's score for
The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Danses Pytheuses
New Music for Dance
Solo for Two People (2009)
Choreography by
Karolina Wyrwał

Sound Art
Electroacoustic Music
Delia Derbyshire
Falling, from "The Dreams" (1964)

Bang, Clang and Beat
New Music for Percussion
John Luther Adams
Drums of Winter (1993)


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